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    Ecobright LED lamp
    compact yet powerful

    An ideal LED lamp replacement

    The Ecobright LED lamp is compact in size and is an ideal replacement for an incandescent lamp. Apart from delivering impressive energy saving compared to traditional lamps the Ecobright LED lamp is robust and can operate on a wide voltage from a low 50 volts to a high 300 volts (normal range is 230v). It can also withstand power spikes up to 2000 volts, which makes this lamp ideal for standard electrical grid use and when you run a generator.
    Ecobright LED lamp, compact but powerful
    Ecobright LED lamp saves energy

    Energy saving

    The Ecobright LED lamp uses only 6 watts of energy compared to an incandescent lamp, which consumes 60 watts, yet still delivers a powerful bright light. A 90% energy saving will help you save on your monthly utility bill and put money back in your pocket.
    Long lasting Ecobright LED

    Long life

    While an incandescent lamp lasts for 1000 hours the Ecobright LED lamp delivers an impressive 10 000 hours lifetime, which means you won’t have to worry about using that step ladder for quite a while.
    Ecobright LED lamp can be used in many applications

    Wide application

    The Ecobright LED lamp is compact so it can be used in most ceiling fixtures, as well as bedside or desk light fittings. It comes in both warm white and cool white light so it can give a cosy and relaxing feel or an energetic ambiance.

    Where to buy

    The Ecobright LED lamp is available in Nakumatt, Naivas, Tuskys, Carrefour and Chandarana outlets.